Slingsby T31 at Portmoak (1st Jan 2010)

Slingsby T31 at Portmoak
Slingsby T31 at Portmoak

The Slingsby T31 is an old training glider, build (mostly) of wood and canvas.  This example is part of the Portmoak collection, and this particular image was used in the 2011 Kadet Calendar which we produced to raise funds for cadet flying – that’s 14-18 year olds.As you can see, snow persisted at Portmoak – a few days later the airfield was shut because of too much snow!  (it’s a hazard to landing gliders as they stop too quickly in it)  If you think it looks cold in this picture, you are right.

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  • Aperture :ƒ/11
  • Camera :E-510
  • Taken :1 January, 2010
  • Focal length :40mm
  • ISO :100
  • Shutter speed :1/100s