Red Arrows, Perth Airshow (6th Jun 2009)

I live fairly near Scone airfield, and when I heard they were having the Red Arrows giving a display at their airshow I looked at the maps and picked out a good vantage point overlooking the airfield.  I also looked at the NOTAMs to find out when the display was, and set off.

The weather was poor, showers were coming through, but they were lucky with their assigned slot.  I loved the display, sadly just missed being in place to get them arriving over the hill from the direction of Leuchars.

Flickr Photopage

I have a number of other Red Arrows images in my Flickr photostream.

  • Aperture :ƒ/5.6
  • Camera :E-510
  • Taken :6 June, 2009
  • Focal length :150mm
  • ISO :800
  • Shutter speed :1/3200s

Joe Waiting (8th Sep 2007)

Joe is a gliding instructor and is sitting in the back seat of a K21 training glider.  He and his student are waiting to get launched at the Scottish Gliding Union.  I printed this for a competition and happened to see it upside down.  It was only then I noticed the reflection of Joe’s head and hat in the wing!

Portmoak Airfield is like Balvaird Castle – strictly speaking it’s in Perthshire but it’s location to the south of the Ocils makes it feel like it’s in Fife to me.

Flickr Photopage

  • Aperture :ƒ/6.4
  • Camera :FinePix S5600
  • Focal length :63mm
  • ISO :200
  • Shutter speed :1/850s