Partial Solar Eclipse (20 Mar 2015)

Partial Solar Eclipse
Partial Solar Eclipse

It’s rare to see anything of an eclipse this far north so I made the best of it.  The temperature plot from my weather station clearly shows the temperature drop.  This image shows the shadow of my colander and every round hole demonstrates an crescent-shaped shadow on one of my bins.  Magic!

  • Aperture :ƒ/2.7
  • Camera :Nexus 4
  • Taken :20 March, 2015
  • Focal length :4.6mm
  • ISO :100
  • Shutter speed :1/250s

Corston Mill (22 Jan 2015)

Corston Mill
Corston Mill

Corston Mill was described as ‘semi-derelict’ in the details when it was sold along with a parcel of land.  From the photos there it looks to have some potentially very attractive buildings, though I have no idea if they have been renovated.  Here there is lovely soft low light giving a sense of recession.

  • Aperture :ƒ/8
  • Camera :PENTAX K-5 II
  • Taken :22 January, 2015
  • Focal length :140mm
  • ISO :200
  • Shutter speed :1/320s