Max and Minnie (23rd Sep 2007)

Not a great picture by any standards, but this is almost the first picture I took of Max and Minnie, my Oriental Blacks, when I brought them home from Barbara who bred them.  Very sadly Errol had had to be euthanased in last August, and life with just Rufus was far, far too quiet.  This pair of rascals soon changed that!

Minnie is on the left (with the smaller ears and rounder eyes) and Max is on the right.  Minnie was so, so tiny for her age and the first time she saw Rufus out in the garden she wet herself with fear.  However it only took a few days for her to be quite happy to be teasing him.  She is still fairly small but very solidly built, very bold and with a very outgoing personality.  Max is a lovely large lazy dim (sorry!) lad, and I adore both of them.

Barbara has become a good friend and I visit whenever Cara (M&M’s mother) has a new litter of kittens.  The excuse is to take photos for her website which I run, but of course the real reason is lots of cuddles with lovely kittens!